I Know That You Know – Sonny Rollins

Sonny Rollins – I Know That You Know

Sonny Rollins – I Know That You Know Bb



Here’s another one off the Dizzy Gillespie album Sonny Side Up featuring Sonny’s Rollins and Stitt. On this track, “I Know That You Know,” Rollins takes three choruses with the band playing stop time giving us a great opportunity to hear him play through some changes at a fast tempo in total clarity. The form on this one is pretty straight forward though a bit odd for a standard.  It’s essentially  three 8-bar II V I’s in Eb with an 8-bar turnaround at the end. Instead of the standard II V I, this tune uses a V7/V for the II (meaning the II becomes a dom7 chord) and then does a bV sub on the V. This gives |F7    |E7     |Eb       | (C7)      |.  The first sequence ends with a C7 that leads us back to the II chord. The second sequence just ends with the Eb for two bars. The third sequence ends with a |Am7b5    | D7      | which brings us into the III VI II V turnaround,  | Gm7    | C7      | Fm7       | Bb7       | Eb        |           |         |          |. Sonny’s solo on these changes is a textbook of what makes jazz jazz. No need for fancy scales here,  leading tones, approach notes, harmonic movement, and creativity. Lot’s of eighth notes too. Throw out your method books, forget the modes of the melodic minor scale and spend some time studying how a master plays on a V chord.




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